Liquidity Management Direct

Automatically move your funds to where they can help you the most.

Your business can benefit from the expert mix of flexibility and precision.

You want your money right where you need it right when you need it; but what is it doing for you when you don’t have to access it? Don’t let it collect dust – let it collect interest.

Centreville Bank's Liquidity Management products include sweep accounts that let your money earn interest when not in use. We can also manage repayment of your Line of Credit account so you can save yourself some extra time and money.

We offer products for a variety of business accounts including:

  • Business Savings & CDs​ – Accounts with multiple tenors including options with enhanced FDIC coverage.
  • Automated Investment Cash Sweep​ – Investment sweep linked to business checking to maximize interest income.
  • Automated Line of Credit Sweep – Link your business checking and a commercial line of credit for automated funding and pay-down.
  • Zero & Target Balance Accounts – Automated sweep between checking accounts to pool cash or automate funding.

Take your business banking to the next level by reaching out to one of our local specialists and we can walk through all our Liquidity Management solutions. 

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