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What you can do to help keep your information safe.

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Understand the importance of making sure you're secure.

One of the most fundamental aspects of banking is security. Banks are covered with locks and vaults and keys and scanners and codes and lots of other things protecting your money from the rest of the world. As banking transactions become more digitized, it’s important to make sure your online information is kept secure as well.

At Centreville Bank, we know that every transaction is important, and that means it needs to be protected. When you submit your information through our Online Banking login, your data is transferred to the secure server where the entire online banking system resides. We secure this area using SSL encryption so when you are logged in, you can be sure your data, transactions, and personal information are safe.

There are also things you can do on your end to keep your information secure.

  • Don’t log into your online banking on public wi-fi.
  • Don’t ever give anyone your banking login information (we will never ask for a password, no matter what is happening in your account).
  • Don’t write your passwords down. A piece of paper isn’t well secured, and if someone walked up and took it, it wouldn’t matter how much encryption and firewall technology is protecting it – they’d be able to log right in

If you believe that someone has conducted an online transaction without your permission, or that your User ID or password has been compromised, please contact our Customer Contact Center at 401.821.9100.

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