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Our team of banking experts is here to help you bank the way you want.

Your financial future is a top priority to you and your family. The banking professionals you partner with should feel the same way. Don’t ever settle for a bank that won’t take the time to understand your needs, can’t share good practices to help you grow, or doesn’t value the context of the larger Southern New England community when finding the best solution for you. Don’t just get someone local – get someone who is part of the community.

Senior Team

Senior leaders across the organization.

Leadership Team

Leaders across the organization.

Retail Banking Team

Branch managers at work in your community.

Residential Lending Team

Local loan officers ready to guide you through the process of buying or refinancing a home.

Commercial Lending Team

Experienced lenders with the expertise to help your business grow.

Government Banking Team

Expert guidance and support to help you manage your business or municipal funds


Building on the success of the past. Forging a new path into the future.


Providing insight and representing the communities we serve.