Receivables Management

Access and secure your business deposits more efficiently and effectively.

Reduce your costs, increase your time and grow your business. 

Driving to the bank, dropping off checks, printing and sending invoices, waiting for deposits to post...How much time will you spend on these items today? This week? This year?

Processing your company’s money is an important job, but you have dozens of other important jobs to tend to in a day. If you could find a more efficient way to take care of those tasks, how much more could you accomplish today? How much more could your business grow?

Reduce your trips to the bank and speed up access to your deposits by using our Receivables Management products. In addition to making your deposit processes faster, our solutions may also help you reduce costs associated with printing invoices and strengthen security around your funds.

Our Receivables Management product suite includes:

  • Retail and Wholesale Lockbox Service – Improve your cash flow and customer service while reducing internal costs by collecting, processing, and depositing your receivables with our lockbox service.
  • Remote Deposit – Don’t worry about branch locations, business hours or emergencies; Remote Deposit lets you manage your checks with ease.
  • ACH Service – Improve the security of payments moving in and out of your accounts while reducing costs.

Take your business banking to the next level by reaching out to one of our local specialists, and we can walk through all our Receivables Management products.

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