Jonnycake Center For Hope

We believe our community has a shared responsibility for ensuring that our neighbors can meet their basic needs.

Jonnycake Center For Hope We treats those seeking our assistance with respect and dignity. They provide timely and reliable service in an environment where people feel heard, respected, and supported. 

We can be more successful in addressing important social issues if the community organizations we support are stable, and can have the ability to focus on how to enhance their organizational effectiveness. That is why the Centreville Bank Charitable Foundation has made a commitment to fund Economic Security grants that are focused on addressing fundamental organizational needs and improvements.

Economic Security Profile: Jonnycake Center For Hope

The Jonnycake Center provides basic needs, resources, and hope to low-income residents of South Kingstown and Narragansett. Their vision is a community without hunger and poverty where everyone can reach their full potential and improve their quality of life.

Originally known best for its food pantry, one of the largest in the state, Jonnycake Center today offers a host of services that help individuals and families meet their basic needs and get on a path towards economic security. The needs among low-income residents in South County are significant. There is a severe shortage of affordable housing, lack of transportation and a part-time, seasonal economy leaves hundreds of households unable to make ends meet. In addition, the local Native American community faces extreme rates of childhood poverty, significant health and education disparities, and feelings of isolation.

In recent years the Center expanded beyond its traditional services to get at the root causes of food insecurity and poverty. Today they provide emergency financial assistance to prevent homelessness, avoid utility shut offs, and help get the family car back on the road. They continue to focus on the social determinants of health, knowing that an individual’s well-being is dependent on having access to healthy food, affordable housing, a good education, and a safe environment.

To better serve the community, the Center recently embarked on a $1.7 million capital campaign to renovate the former Peace Dale Grammar School into a place where individuals and families  can get healthy food and support services under one roof in a safe, welcoming environment. The Centreville Bank Charitable Foundation awarded a Grant of $150K to help build out the Jonnycake Market.

“Our HOPE is that our commitment to the new building, and the Jonnycake Market in particular, helps to ensure that all members of our community can meet their basic needs, have access to resources, and are able to envision a path towards economic security.”  Hal Horvat, President and CEO, Centreville Bank

This Market will recreate a true grocery store experience, allowing “shoppers” to select and handle their own food items. The social service staff will be co-located with the Market, allowing for regular interactions and timely assistance with visitors. Cooking classes, wellness initiatives, community meetings, and tax assistance will be provided. Partners will be offered much needed space for job training, education initiatives, WIC enrollment, housing navigation, and other needs that may arise in our community.

In this video Kate Brewster, CEO of the Jonnycake Center, speaks to how Jonnycake is impacting the community and how this new facility will help them to achieve their mission.