Overdraft Line of Credit

A simple and effective way to protect yourself from inadvertent overdrafts to your linked checking account.

Prevent the surprise of a denied transaction and manage overdraft expenses.

Have you ever absentmindedly called someone the wrong name? Accidentally put salt in your cookies instead of sugar? Unintentionally texted your boss instead of your friend? We’re all human, so we aren’t perfect (no matter what our mom may say about us). That means we make mistakes once in a while.

In order to keep you from paying too much for those mistakes, Centreville Bank offers an Overdraft Line of Credit. Protect your account with a line of credit that helps you avoid returned check fees and debit card denials. You can benefit from:

  • A low transfer fee
  • A credit line ranging from a minimum of $500 to a maximum of $2,500
  • Low monthly payment options

Apply for a Centreville Bank Overdraft Line of Credit today! Visit your local branch or reach out to our Customer Contact Center to get started.