Savings Secured Loans

Borrow against your savings account to get a lower rate and instant funds.

The perfect tool to begin building your credit. 

It’s a vicious cycle: You don’t have credit history. You try taking out a loan to get credit experience. You’re denied the loan because you don’t have a credit history… How do you show the credit bureaus that you're trustworthy and responsible if no one will give you the opportunity?

Our Savings Secured Loans allow you to borrow from your savings account up to 95%. Not only are the rates for these loans often lower, but they're a great way to begin building your credit with a safety net under you.

Our Savings Secured Loans offer:

  • Loans as small as $1,000
  • Instantaneous funds
  • Backing by your Personal Savings account

Apply for a Centreville Bank Savings Secured Loan today! Visit your local branch or reach out to our Customer Contact Center to get started.