Tap Debit Cards

Tap cards are here! Enjoy fast, secure transactions with the latest chip technology. 

New tap debit cards have been sent out. If you have not received your new card, please contact us at (401)-821-9100 or visit one of our branches.


Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is meant to provide some quick answers about what to expect with our contact-less cards mass re-issue.

Contactless Debit Cards

What are contactless Cards?

Contactless Cards are the newest way to pay at the register. Contactless cards are equipped with new secure technology that allows you to make payments without inserting your card at payment terminals.

How do contactless payments work?

Contactless transactions are made by simply TAPPING your contactless chip card on a contactless payment terminal or holding your card near the contactless-enabled reader. This is also known as “tap to pay.” If you have payment- enabled mobile or wearable devices, such as digital wallet enabled on your smartphone or smartwatch, you can also tap to pay with your devices. Contactless checkout is secure, convenient, and touch-free.

Will old debit cards stop working immediately?

We understand the holiday season is fast approaching, with the time of year we will not begin to turn off old Putnam Bank debit cards until February 2023. Any re-issued Centreville Bank debit cards will become immediately deactivated once their new contactless card has been activated.

Why has't the card image in mobile wallet updated?

Currently our card image in the mobile wallet will remain as is until early 2023

Will Centreville Bank ITMs take contactless cards?

Our ITMs will have to be upgraded to accept contactless transactions, this project is scheduled for 2023.

Will I need to update their Automatic Payments?

YES. You must notify merchants of your new card number details.

Will my uChoose points transfer?

YES. The transfer will be completed by January. If you wish to redeem your points prior to January, please reach out to Centreville Bank at (401)-821-9100.

What happens if I need a new card now?

You are able to receive an instant issue Debit Card in any one of our branches.

Thank you for banking at Centreville Bank. We are grateful for the opportunity and look forward to serving you in the future. For additional information, please feel free to call our Contact Center at (401)-821-9100 or visit one of our branches.