It’s your home, your equity and with a Centreville Bank Line of Credit, it’s your choice how and when to use it!


Special Offer Home Equity Line of Credit

  • 1.99% Intro APR for the first 12 months*
  • Thereafter APR will resort to Prime + 0 (Currently 4.25% APR)**
  • Up to 80% loan to value
  • 1-4 family, owner occupied
  • A minimum initial draw of $25,000 is required


Home Equity Lines of Credit

  • Up to 80% loan to value - Variable APR 4.25% (prime plus 0.0%)***
  • Over 80% - 90% loan to value - Variable APR 4.75% (prime plus .50%)***
  • $50.00 annual fee may apply****
  • Late payment and over the credit limit charges may apply

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Special Home Equity Line Offer Disclosure:
*After the introductory period, the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) may vary monthly and will be based on the Prime Rate as listed in The Wall Street Journal (Prime) plus a margin. A minimum initial draw of $25,000 is required. All subsequent draws will be set at $100 or more. Personal Elite Checking account is required to get the intro APR. After the introductory period, the APR will not be less than 3.75% APR or more than 18% APR. **After the introductory period the rate will be set at Prime +0%. As of 06/15/2017 the Prime Rate is 4.25%. In some instances, the APR calculation used could result in a fully indexed APR below the minimum APR of 4.00%. If this occurs, your APR will not be less than 3.75%. Property hazard insurance required. No closing costs except for cooperatives and properties held in a trust (approximately $150). $50 Annual Fee is waived for the first year. Early termination of $350 fee applies. Other terms and conditions and restrictions apply. Subject to credit approval. Offer subject to change without notice. 

Home Equity Lines Disclosure:
***Your APR will vary monthly if the Prime Rate changes but will not exceed 18.00% or be less than 3.75%. Check the Wall Street Journal for the current Prime Rate. Account closure fee of $350 will apply if line is paid off and closed within first two years. Annual fee of $50.00 applies after the first year.  Trust review fees of $100 to $250 may apply if property is held in a trust. Property insurance is required. Flood insurance where required by law. 1-4 family, owner-occupied primary residences or second homes only.  Maximum loan-to-value of 90% with Centreville Bank in first position. Subject to credit approval. Consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest. Additional restrictions may apply.****Annual Fee will be waived if the tax reporting owner has a Personal Elite Checking account.


Rates Effective June 21, 2017